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This is a transfer league where you buy players from auctions and sell/buy with other members and create your own team, during season your play in FA Cup , League Cup , Champions/Europa League ..


Please read all rules and post to say signed and understood

Any problems pm a admin which are BigYido jonbuk4

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PostSubject: RULES    12th January 2018, 14:52

First topic message reminder :


1.1 - Squads must be between 18-20 anyone that goes over or under will be fined 15million, You will start on £50m budget, if moving teams you get the players and the money whats there.

1.2 - Player's can be brought/sold during transfer window only and one manager post's the deal and the other confirms. Also a player can not move more then once per window. Now if you cancel a deal it must be agreed by both managers.

1.3 - You can loan players out for full season but you cant charged for loans. 

1.4 - If you sell a player that you buy from the bid list the Bid list price that you paid has nothing to do with how much you sell them for it's your own choice at the end of the day

1.5 - You can only buy 3 players from bidlist each season.

1.6 - When you have an active bid on the auction you must have the money to cover the bid in your transfer budget otherwise the bid will be void

1.7 - Transfer list player has a 6 hour window, but if you open up a bid and no-one else bid's in 2 hour's then you win that player,when bidding you can bid what you want there no min or max

1.8 - When you release a player it's FREE 

1.9 - If you go into to minus on your budget your be fined 10m and banned for 1 season doing transfers.

1.10 - No paying seperate amounts each season for a player if you want to do a loan with a fee to buy then you can but you must post the transfer the next season as we will not be going back through the season before transfers

1.11 - Bidlist each season will now go up in rating each season starting from 80 rated 

1.12 - At the beginning of each season please download latest squad with ratings as admin will be keeping a eye on it, if you are found out then your get 10 point deduction and banned from transfers for 1 - 5 seasons depending on admin panel


2.1 - Home Team invites to game

2.2 - Every member must download the LEAGUE REPUBLIC APP please update the score straight away and admin will lock results.

2.3 - Goal rule is now 6 goals max so for example 6-0 7-1 8-2 etc is allowed , anyone caught putting controller down and not playing will be fined , person at fault loses game 3-0

2.4 - All games will be played in online friendlies with custom squads set for transfers to work

2.5 - All games are to be 6 minutes long

2.6 - Tactical Defending only No legacy or Custom tactics during gameplay

2.7 - No editing players

2.8- No hacking especially last man 
If someone breaks this rule use share button to record it and post it so an admin can check this.

2.9 - No quitting even at the end of the game, winner's must get stats required for league republic. 

2.10 - Cup games if it ends in a draw then please replay but its golden goal so first to score wins, if game not played then it will be coin tossed.

2.11 - No pausing the game unless you have a good reason for it , otherwise goalkick, throw in, freekick and corner.


3.1 - Mixed up play don't repeat yourself over and over again cause its boring for the other players

3.2 - No use of the Kick Off
If someone breaks this rule use share button to record it and post it so an admin can check this, this is meaning straight from kick off and running straight forward to goal. Therefore you must pass backwards or sideways at least once from kick off. 

3.3 - No abusive messages to other members especially in game and out of game or on the site we don't want anymore of it as it makes the site look bad and it means the admins have to deal with it

3.4 - If there is lag in a game you must quit in the first 15 minutes after that means you've agreed to play on also if there is a snow with a white ball and you feel it is unseeable then quit straight away

3.5 - No Custom Formations or Custom Tactics only the preset ones in the game will be allowed, if a member has been in contact with admin, you will be ask to press the share button twice to record the following 'your be asked to go from your game to edit teams then in to team sheets your go to your team go through ratings then in to custom roles etc once that done your press share button again twice to stop recording then upload on youtube and sent to BigYido via whatsapp'. And it’s defaulted 3-0 win to opponent

3.6 - No Purposely standing in front of goalkeeper when the ball is in his hands to get him to kick it at you this would be a foul in real life

3.7 - Respect Your opponent please

3.8 - Now any rage quitting or breaking rules first warning will be a yellow card if you do it a second time then you get another yellow card your lose 50% of you prize winnings any unplayed games your lose a percentage of your money aswell.


4.1 - Make sure you atleast come on twice a week on the site and playstation network or in whatspp groups.

4.2 - Use the arrangement thread on site as your main point to arrange games along with whatsapp. If you are struggling to get a game played as the other member isnt answering please contact jonbuk4 and discuss the issue. Any problems around the games, getting games played and also any other related issues please contact jonbuk4 on whatsapp. If no communication is made games will be defaulted accordingly. Also an extensions required need to be forwarded to jonbuk4 accordingly and with a valid reason.

4.3 - No long celebrations and No 3 replays even for writing down scorers you can do this at the end. We realise there is no way to skip celebrations any more so please just do a quick short celebration

4.4 - If a game is defaulted, the member at fault will lose 15m off prize as well as money for completed games.

4.5 - Any Grievances contact an admin who will sort it don't just write it all over the site that doesn't help anybody

4.6 - Match Arrangement's Thread is live now so use it to arrange your games then at least were know who's making effort to arrange otherwise if no reply then admin will decide, Posting in arrangement thread during or on deadline day doesn't mean your get the win, if no game has even been attempt to be arrange will go down a s 0-0 and you lose 10m of prize money. This also applies in all cups, if you post after deadline, fail to show up or play or just don't bother to make any attempt to arrange you will default out of cup and incur a fine of 10 million. This will apply for 1 strike. If you gain 2 strikes then you will lose 25% of all prize money for that season.

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PostSubject: Re: RULES    12th March 2018, 22:35

I have read and understood it
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PostSubject: Re: RULES    12th March 2018, 22:37

I have read and understood it
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PostSubject: Re: RULES    14th March 2018, 19:02

Read and understand
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PostSubject: Re: RULES    6th April 2018, 17:45

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PostSubject: Re: RULES    4th June 2018, 13:09

Read and understood.
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PostSubject: Re: RULES    

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